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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.



Milk is the first drink of the baby - human's or animal's.

So I believe it is the first safe and healthy drink to start a refreshing day.

Milk plays an important role in all phases of life from the infant to the senior citizens .

Milk is rich in calcium, cheap source of protein and an important source of vitamin D, for vegetarians of course, other than sunlight.

Milk is available in different forms / packs in the market and we as mothers, face the challenge of choosing safe and healthy form of milk and derive 100% benefit .

The use of Tetra Pak packaged milk has made me and my family feel energetic all day long . One glass of Tetra Pak packaged milk in the morning is a refreshing start for the entire family.

The aseptic six layer package, along with the UHT process conceals all the nutrients in the milk and thus provides a healthy source of milk drink .

As compared to the loose milk available in the market Tetra Pak packaged milk ( carton milk ) is a better buy because of its retention of essential nutrients .

One hundred ml of milk has 64kcal of energy, along with carbohydrate, lactose, proteins, fat, minerals , calcium, vitamins.

The Tetra Pak packaged milk does not require boiling and can be consumed directly. Also, it can be stored for 90 days. There are no added preservatives and chemicals..

The by products of milk are cheese, paneer, curd, butter, ghee.

Have a healthy start with a glass of milk.