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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.

The Ideal Solution That Would Work For Your Food Safety Concerns

The Ideal Solution That Would Work For Your Food Safety Concerns

Before my daughter was born, I went to my maternal house for her birth. 9 months post-delivery, I came back to Delhi with my daughter to stay with my husband.


The time at my maternal place was comforting as my mother was always there and had taken all the major responsibilities of the new born. I was mainly left with feeding the baby.


Due to some reasons my daughter couldn’t get her mother’s feed for long, so I had to switch to the formula milk.


When we came back to Delhi, my daughter was on formula milk and everything was fine until she was a year old, and I decided to introduce cow’s milk to her diet.


I started getting cow’s milk from the local milk shop and used to boil it for 6-8 minutes to completely sterilize it, unaware of the fact that what I was doing was not right.


My daughter’s response to that addition was not pleasant. She got severe dehydration and had to be kept on antibiotics. It took her 22 days to recover.


My pediatrician then advised me to continue with formula milk for 3-4 months and then slowly introduce carton milk in the diet.


I had heard of Tetra Pak carton milk before but its importance, safety and critical points were explained to me by my pediatrician and I was amazed.


It was hard for me to explain the same facts to my mother in law as she believed that Tetra Pak meant “dabbe ka doodh”, and it was not possible for milk to not spoil for 6 months without the addition of preservatives.


I then did a lot of research and talked to a few doctors and nutritionists to get the real picture. I was glad that my hard work was fruitful and I could clear the myths that both my mother in law and I had in mind, which I would like to share.


Tetra Pak packaging is basically a form of advanced packaging which focuses on packaging the liquid food material (esp. milk) in aseptic conditions so that no preservatives are needed to increase their shelf life.


The packaging consists of 6 different layers merged together to reach the highest level of food safety.


This type of packaging ensures quality, safety and taste of the food.


# MYTH 1




Tetra Pak milk undergoes UHT (Ultra High Temperature) processing before it is packed. UHT is a food processing technology that sterilizes milk by heating it above 135 degrees Celsius for 1 to 2 seconds, and then cooling and packaging it immediately under aseptic conditions.


Now this is something logical and worth noticing.


If the milk is made free of all the microbes and spores and then carefully packed, no preservatives are required to keep it safe as there are no chances of recontamination.






Heating the milk at a high temperature for very short time and then sudden cooling prevents the loss of most nutrients. The special 6 layered Tetra Pak packaging keeps the nutrients intact. On the contrary, slow boiling of milk (conventional method) can cause nutrient loss.






Mothers are always concerned about the safety and purity of food they are serving to their family, and when we hear news like addition of impurities to milk and adulterated foods, our concern becomes genuine.


But do rest assured about the quality of milk in Tetra Pak cartons, as it is collected from the cows that are fed with quality fodder; the milk is pure and contamination free.






The taste of the milk is subjective to the fodder the cows are fed on but the nutrients remain intact. It also depends on the kind of processing used which defines the consistency of the milk. In case of Tetra Pak cartons for example, the milk is thicker and creamier because of a process called homogenization which equally distributes the fat throughout the milk. So, some say that milk in Tetra Pak cartons is richer, while others say it’s exactly like regular milk, depending on what they have been using otherwise.


Apart from these facts, there are some other benefits of introducing Tetra Pak cartons in our everyday life.




Longer shelf life- longer shelf life of milk in Tetra Pak cartons is always an added advantage, as you don’t have to run every day to fetch milk and can easily store a month’s supply and that too, without refrigerating it until opening.

Accessible and easy to carry- you don’t have to worry about getting pure milk while travelling with your children. You can carry Tetra Pak cartons anywhere, without any inconvenience.

Time saving- milk in Tetra Pak cartons needs no boiling and saves time which is convenient for mothers who have hectic schedules.

Family wellness- no more getting concerned about the nutrients and purity of milk that the local vendor brings.



However, you must always check the label of Tetra Pak on all packing to make sure you have the right carton.


So, mothers it is time to get your facts right and embrace the benefits that technology has to offer us. Let’s take this one step towards the well-being of our family and save those extra minutes to cuddle with our baby!


Keep smiling and stay healthy!