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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.


Solving My Family's Eternal Milk Dilemma For Life!


Author: Leena C

I face a peculiar problem, one which most mothers would love to have.

Both my kids happen to be in love with milk. My son demands a glass of this white nectar the minute he opens his eyes every morning. He would happily trade a meal for a big glass of his favourite milkshake. My toddler daughter emulates her brother, and has turned into a milk baby herself. This is not surprising since I consumed copious amounts of this milk myself as a child. Apparently, my kids have taken after me in this regard.

Morning starts with my husband demanding cereal or oats with warm milk. I on the other hand, make myself a healthy mixed fruit and milk smoothie. My son prefers a chocolate milkshake while my toddler simply loves it with a little sugar. So, you see, milk forms an integral part of our daily lives.

I am currently in the process of planning a short winter getaway since my kids have their vacations till mid January. Our family would be taking a road trip which would culminate in Pahalgam, two hours away from Srinagar, in the Northern part of India. My maternal grandmother lives there and we would be spending quality family time with her.

Pahalgam is a beautiful scenic place with lush green mountains and flowing icy rivers. It is also unpredictable and secluded, right in the middle of nowhere. Getting daily commodities therefore, can be a mammoth task at times.

Most mothers in my situation would be bothered about the wintry weather en route or how to make sure that the kids are occupied and busy throughout the family trip. Some of my friends would even organise annual flu shots before leaving Delhi, or be worried about finishing holiday homework in time.

But all this is not on my mind for now. My biggest problem currently is how to arrange a continuous supply of fresh, safe and wholesome milk throughout our 15-day trip. How to make sure that I am always prepared to meet the erratic milk demand?

This is where Tetra Pak has been a real lifesaver for me.

I was recently introduced to the wonders of carton milk by my sister in law. Initially apprehensive about switching over, I was completely convinced after tasting the milk and going over all the plus points for myself.

Apparently, Tetra Pak uses something known as UHT (or ultra high temperature) technology for all their food and dairy products. This thermal treatment quickly heats the milk at temperatures over 135 degrees centigrade for 2-3 seconds. Then it is cooled and sealed in protective 6 layer sterilised packaging. The microorganisms are completely killed, all vitamins remain intact and the shelf life of the milk gets prolonged. That’s all.. no preservatives, no chemicals, just pure milk.

I now usually pick up half a dozen cartons from the local supermarket in one go. This lasts my family a week when travelling. These milk cartons are easily accessible in most cities, easy to carry and can be stored at room temperature.

In comparison, I now find the traditional method of boiling milk more taxing. Earlier I had to boil milk before serving it to my kids. Boiling milk for long duration kills some essential nutrients and vitamins. Then there was the fear of the milk getting spoilt when left outside to cool for extended periods of time. With Tetra Pak, there is no need to boil or refrigerate (unless I open the carton). The sealed milk is untouched by human hand, udder fresh and sterile when it reaches me. I just need to cut it, pour it, drink it or serve it now!

At times, I have also used this packaged milk to make my son’s favourite white sauce (for pasta) and in smoothies, milkshakes and cake batter. The UHT treatment makes the milk taste richer and tastier, which my kids seem to love. The 6-layer aseptic protection keeps out light, air and possible contaminants. Zero fear of adulteration helps in restoring my motherly peace of mind.

Tetra Pak cartons are environment-friendly while their state-of-the-art technology ensures that no preservatives are needed to conserve the nutritional value and taste of the contents inside. I have completely switched to Tetra Pak cartons for a magical answer to all my milk needs.

If we can adapt to smart watches and smart phones, why not adapt to smart food and drink choices?