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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.


My Healthy, Safe, Tasty And Convenient Checklist

Author: Shivani Thakral


My 5 year old heads out for playtime every evening and before that, there is the dreaded conversation of the 4 PM meal. I am an extremely conscious mother (as most mums are) and I insist on fruits and milk for the evening meal. Lately however, I had been noticing that discussing the 4 PM evening snack was becoming more and more difficult. My boy was bored of his fruits and milk. While every now and then a snack could be arranged, but it was important to incorporate fruits and milk in his daily diet. I was tired of the everyday fuss and I wanted to make his evening snack fun and healthy for my son.

Then, my two elder sisters who have raised 4 kids between them came to my rescue. They told me that fruit shakes tasted twice as yummy when made with milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons, which is also a great option when you are on the go. Of course, it sounded easy and convenient, but was it really a healthy option? “How can the milk in Tetra Pak cartons last so long?” I wondered. Out came my laptop and I began looking for the answers.

Surprise, surprise! Tetra Pak cartons that bear its logo are extremely safe. The milk in these cartons is treated through Ultra high temperature technology (popularly known as UHT) and packed in 6 layer protective packaging, which gives these cartons their long shelf life. So, with all the research I did, I established that the milk in Tetra Pak cartons was safe, healthy and super convenient. Why should I have to buy milk and boil, when I can simply open a carton? Now for the next question - taste.

The next day, out came my blender and a serving of banana shake was made, this time with milk from a Tetra Pak carton which, by the way, is thicker and yummier too! Now, I tell you this with authority that if my child can enjoy a glass of milk without any drama and pinching his nose, then any child will enjoy it. My boy enjoyed his evening snack, appreciated the new taste and off he went to play. This has now become a daily routine in his diet.

And as for me, I stay assured in my head that my boy had for once enjoyed a healthy and safe snack. On many of long journeys by car or flight, the extremely convenient Tetra Pak cartons have come to my aid for my son’s small hunger pangs. This has also led to lesser consumption of junk food as an added bonus!

I have added this milk to everyone’s diet in the family. As my husband and I age (gracefully!), we too needed to increase our calcium intake. This has been made a lot easier with the super healthy milk that is easily accessible at home, and tastes far superior to any other option.

If I ever find a solution in the kitchen that is healthy, safe, tasty and convenient – I always advocate it. And the milk in Tetra Pak cartons ticks all the boxes and is now a part of my daily household shopping list. This is a conscious mother’s verdict.