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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.



As parents, no matter who we are and where we come from, we all share one common aspect and that is the tremendous love we have for our children. We would all agree that good health is our biggest wealth and as parents this is also our biggest priority. Milk is an integral part of our daily life and most of us face the challenge of ensuring proper intake of safe milk by our children. (Did you know that children aged 4–8 need 19 grams of protein/day and those 9–13 years old need 34 gms?)

Thanks to the milk available in Tetra Pak Cartons. It retains its quality and great taste for up to 180 days.

As a working mother, I have found couple of ways to ensure that my kids continue to take safe milk without complaining and will now share this secret with you all.

I use milk instead of water – How?-Whether oatmeal or porridge, I use milk from Tetra Pak cartons instead of water as it is both safe & nutrition laden due to the UHT treatment it has gone through. I add 9 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein/cup to our bow,l which I then top it up with fresh fruits, nuts and serve with a glass of UHT milk for a well-balanced meal (it's quick as you don't even need to boil UHT milk – just open and pour)

We also drink our breakfast – To save time in the morning, sometimes I make smoothies. I simply combine all of the dry ingredients needed for a smoothie, blend it with milk or yogurt and then gulp it down. It serves for a wholesome breakfast.

I add flavored milk carton or pack of 100%juice in my kids' lunchbox because if it's there, they are more likely to drink that instead of consuming harmful tuck from the school canteen. This option is definitely more nutritious

I carry health food only for picnics, road trips. The most hygienic and healthiest option is cartons of flavored milk and juice which easily fits in our picnic boxes and then I am just assured of what my kids will be having later. I bet they sip them all without offering to anyone. The best part is that the milk is easy to carry, no boiling required

Dinner: I always prefer the creaminess in soups and adding some milk for water in soup recipes. It also makes me feel good about giving the kids some extra calcium.

Hunger on the go- Since products packed in Tetra Pak cartons require no refrigeration so they come in handy when you're travelling.I always pack a couple of them with me before starting any journey.

This is how I have unleashed the wholesome goodness of milk. Anytime, anywhere!