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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.


How safe is your milk?


Presenter - Rudy


We consume 400 million litres of this liquid every day, and it is the one thing that unites every household in every part of our vast nation. Milk and milk products are our main source of nutrition, especially for kids, making it an absolute essential in our lives.

Yet many of us are forced to deal with a huge set of challenges associated with milk. Buying it, storing it, making sure the milk is from a hygienic source, making sure it is unadulterated, are just a few of the issues we face every day.

But did you know, that there is a very simple solution to address all these milk problems, making life a lot easier for us? No daily buying, boiling, storing hassles, and complete assurance about the safety and quality of the milk as well. Too good to be true? Actually not. Watch the video to find out how one small change can make your milk troubles disappear.