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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.

Future Fit Generations- Think proactively and now!

Future Fit Generations- Think Proactively And Now!

It was just another day. A few of my friends had gathered to spend some time together. While we discussed the cold weather, children and local gossip; our conversation veered towards how skin-problems, cancers, liver disorders, kidney failures, electrolyte imbalance, conceptual issues are as frequent as were headaches or common cold while we were growing up! What was supposed to be a fun day ended up being a great brainstorming session.

As a concerned mother, we ended up thinking –

Where have we gone wrong?

How can we shield ourselves and our families from this onslaught of harmful adulterated components in our diet?

What could be the possible way forward to be healthier? And above all, can we actually contribute to do away with a mutated gene in our future generations? (Huge but valid thinking!)

There are no two opinions about the fact that adulterated food is the norm these days and simply put, adulterated implies adding or taking away from food, rendering it injurious to consumer’s well-being and health.

Even while we returned to the comforts of our homes, we researched and realised (courtesy- The India Study Channel) that most adulterants were found in milk, followed by juices, ice-cream, sugar, honey and so forth. Aren’t we paying a big price for being in a race? The carrots and peas don’t taste the same and it is scary to know that these inferior quality products are affecting our nutritional requirements and consequently, our immunity. We need to protest in all sincerity to escape this vicious cycle and explore all possible options.

I have always believed that crying foul about any problem, be it adulterated food or anything else, is not enough. We need to find sensible and manageable ways or solutions to tackle these issues and choose healthy alternatives.

Finally, I would love to share some of the solutions and options that would work. Some that work for me are:-

  • Organic foods that do not contain any chemicals
  • Growing or outsourcing the herbs that we use in our day to day cooking and putting our balconies to better use.
  • Look for the right certifications, like those from FSSAI
  • Shifting from the ‘Doodhwala’ milk to UHT (Ultra High Temperature treated) milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons that leaves no room for any tampering or adulteration

Especially on the last one, my understanding about products from Tetra Pak is worth a share too. The cartons from Tetra Pak are six layered, that renders them tamper proof, meaning there are no chances of adulteration. The milk is UHT treated, which means there is no need of preservatives. The concerns of safe food, accessibility, longer shelf life and convenience in handling and storage are sufficiently addressed as a bonus.

This awareness of having reached a smart solution while balancing my family-work life was pretty comforting. Putting a little effort in knowing how to deal effectively with adulteration has put my mind at peace and as a way forward is definitely a duty fulfilled towards my family and my community of concerned and aware mommies.