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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.



'Super milk' can make you 'Super Mom'

On my morning walks, when I walked unencumbered by bags or cans, I was always subjected to looks of contempt and pity.

Since I was a mom it was unacceptable that one of my primary concerns in the morning was not the procurement of milk.

Every other mom was going somewhere to get milk. The more dedicated diligent ones had cans in their hands and were making the trip to a distant dairy to fetch 'fresh milk'. The ones who couldn't do that were going to the local booth to pick up their packets 'freshly' unloaded from the delivering truck.

And the moms, who for some reason or the other couldn't step out of the house were compensating by waiting for the doodhwala with bated breath.

I was the only one speeding about in my sneakers - empty handed and unconcerned.

"Do you know? She buys the whole month's supply at one go in the supermarket" was the whisper that did the rounds about me – and it was true.

I had shifted to milk packaged in Tetra Pak cartons.

I bought milk in cartons, and I bought enough cartons to last me for a month at once.

My daughter found the milk tastier, I didn't have to boil it, the cartons could be stored without refrigeration until I opened them and the opened cartons fitted easily in the fridge door unlike pans full of milk that used to block a lot of shelf space. Also, I didn't have to stress over the procurement of milk every day. I could sort out that kitchen need once a month in one trip to the grocery store.

But everyone else seemed to disapprove.

But I believed in Carton milk and when I visited the Tetra Pak factory this year as their Safe Food Ambassador all my beliefs were strengthened. I now know how the milk in cartons is procured and packaged and why it remains unspoilt.

I am now ready to counter all arguments against milk in Tetra Pak cartons, I am prepared to dispel all myths

1. Myth 1 – Milk that remains unspoilt for so long must be full of preservatives

No – Milk packaged in Tetra Pak cartons is preservative free, whether it is plain milk or flavoured milk. The milk that is packaged is sterilised by a special technique called UHT sterilisation that ensures that there are absolutely no organisms left in the milk and then packed by a special technique such that no organisms are able to come into contact with the sterile milk as it gets sealed into its pack. Since there are no organisms in the milk, there is no chance of it getting spoilt even when it is kept at room temperature for 6 months. The long shelf life therefore comes without the disadvantage of the milk being preservative laden.

2. Myth 2 – There is no difference between ordinary milk and Tetra Pak packaged milk

There is a lot of difference between the milk packaged in cartons and ordinary milk. Only the best milk from the best breed of cows, collected in the most hygienic ways goes in Tetra Pak cartons. This milk is healthier because it is sterilised by a special technique called UHT sterilisation where the exposure to heat is for a much shorter time and the vitamins present in milk are thus not destroyed. Because of the minimal exposure to heat, it is also tastier. Flavours and other nutritionally beneficial substances such as Haldi can be added to this packaged milk without compromising the safety of the drink by using state of the art technology while packaging which makes for a healthier drink without the dangers of contamination and adulteration.

3. Myth 3 – Fresh milk is 'Pure and Fresh' – Tetra Pak packaged milk is stale

Milk becomes stale when it is exposed to air and when bacteria are transferred to it by contact with hands of the person milking the cow or from the cow udders. This is how milk gets spoilt and which is why milk needs to be boiled soon after it is collected. In case of carton milk, the milk coming out of the udders of the cow has no contact with air and remains untouched by the human hand because milking is done by a machine and the milk collected moves directly into sealed tubes, and is then sterilised by UHT sterilisation while it is in the tubes and goes on to be packaged in the cartons without ever being exposed to air or bacteria. In effect, carton milk when it reaches your kitchen is actually udder fresh and sterile. Not something that can be said about the milk from local dairies, even when you see the milking happening right in front of your eyes.

4. Myth 4 – Carton milk is synthetic milk

No - carton milk is not synthetic milk. Carton milk is collected from the udder of cows just like the milk collected in local dairies. It tastes different or better than locally collected milk for several reasons. First the cows from which the milk is collected are fed with the best quality fodder and kept disease free by close monitoring they thus produce better milk. Second the milk retains its original molecular structure because it is not spoilt by exposure to air or bacteria. Third, the milk is consumed without boiling, straight from the carton, and so its taste is not marred by open heating.

5. Myth 5 – Milk in cartons has lower nutritive value than milk obtained from milking cows

Milk in cartons is much higher in nutritive value than ordinary milk since it is UHT sterilised, which ensures that it is not exposed to heat for a long time. Vitamins that are destroyed by heating are thus preserved and this milk is thus healthier. Taste and health are just a snip of the scissors away when milk comes packaged in cartons because packaged milk comes in various flavours and in many cases with traditionally revered substances like Haldi added to it to increase its nutritional value

Moms have a lot to do, and ensuring that our families remain healthy is one of our key tasks. As dedicated conscientious moms we do what it takes to ensure that. It is a lot of hard work but fortunately for us technology is making our lives easier every day.

Let us embrace technology. Let's reach our health destination the easy way.

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