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Mommy knows best, isn't it? Hear from the super moms themselves on how they feel Safe for Sure consuming milk packed in Tetra Pak cartons.


As A Mother I Will Never Compromise On Nutrition



Relocating to a new city is mostly stressful for everybody, even if the move represents a positive change. This is largely because uprooting yourself from familiar places and people is never easy, and the challenges of adjusting to a new locale are many. Ever since I got married, we had been relocating quite often due to my husband’s work commitments. The initial years never bothered me; in fact it was more of an adventure for us as we got to explore a host of new places. A few years later we were blessed with a daughter and because raising a child single handedly is not an easy thing, we decided to stay put at a place which was not very far off from both our parents’ homes. Soon our daughter turned two and another opportunity knocked our door, and we had to make the decision to relocate again, this time to a city which was not near to our native place.

The idea of starting from scratch had never been a deterrent for me before but this time with a two year old toddler who was very attached to both sets of grandparents; it seemed like the toughest thing to do. With a lot of apprehension and hidden fears, I started to plan the move. Among all the hustle and bustle of relocating, I had buried my anxieties deep down. I was so engrossed in the list of my to-do tasks, that I had almost no time to address my concerns and worries. At this time, it was my mother who sensed that something was bugging me. When she confronted me on the subject, it felt as if a huge burden was lifted off my chest and I shared my biggest fear with her. I had no idea how my two year old would react to the new surroundings, how she would get used to not seeing her grandparents every fortnight. I knew that children adapt to change faster than adults but the initial adjustment stage is not easy for them. It was at this point that my mother offered to accompany us to our new home and be there with us for a few weeks till the time my daughter got a little settled down.

The days that followed flew by like a breeze, with loads of things to do; packing our things, meeting friends and doing everything required for relocation. The day we had to leave, we had a 5 PM flight which left me with enough time to buy the basic groceries once we reached our destination. The flight got delayed by a good two hours due to some technical glitches and by the time we landed, it was already a little after 9.30 PM. On our way home, we stopped the cab at a departmental store to purchase some basic food items. We bought almost everything except milk. As it was already night, all the day’s supply of milk had been exhausted and there was a worried look on my mother’s face. I quickly grabbed a Tetra Pak milk carton and headed towards billing. Once we reached home, I poured a glass of milk for my daughter (which she relished with her favorite cookies). All this while I noticed that there was a questioning look on my mother’s face. When I asked her, she seemed concerned about the fact that I had fed milk to my daughter which might have had preservatives. I knew I had to provide valid explanation to her else she would be robbed off of a peaceful night’s sleep.

I grabbed the milk carton from the refrigerator and asked her to read the label. On doing so, she could understand it only partially and the scientific terminology left her puzzled. I explained that it was perfectly safe to consume milk from a Tetra Pak carton and that the milk had been sterilized with UHT (Ultra high temperature processing/Ultra heat treatment). UHT is a food processing technology that sterilizes liquid food, chiefly milk by heating it above 135 °C (275 °F) – the temperature required to kill spores in milk – for 1 to 2 seconds. UHT milk is totally safe for consumption with an extended shelf life and no compromise on the nutritional value. As the product is sterilized by heat, no preservatives are needed to increase their stability. Tetra Pak also offers additional advantage as it is a six layered pack and the food item is sealed inside the carton in aseptic conditions, further eliminating the risk of microbial spoilage and ensuring food safety. I reminded her of the tomato puree she often uses to prepare vegetable gravies; which also comes in a Tetra Pak carton.

After learning the science behind Tetra Pak’s packaging, she seemed relieved. She knew that I was very particular when it came to my daughter’s diet and nutrition and after becoming aware of the abovementioned facts, she was convinced that I would never buy something just for the sake of convenience and would never compromise on food safety. After all, what do we mothers want? Only that our children are well fed with the most nutritious and safe food products.

After a few weeks, my daughter started adjusting well in the new environment and my mother returned back to her hometown. We meet very often and talk almost on a daily basis and still she enquires about what her granddaughter had to eat, what she did in school, what books she is reading and all the nitty gritty details of her routine. After all, mothers will be mothers.